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Triple Stage Water Filter

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Triple Stage Water Filter


CATEGORY: Domestic Range

Triple Stage Water Filter

The triple stage water filter system is a countertop water filtering system that is designed to connect directly to your kitchen sink tap. The system connects to that tap using a diverter valve which enables you to choose whether to use the normal municipality water or to filter the water.

The water filter system comes with its own tap, one sediment water filter cartridge, one granular activated carbon filter, and one carbon block water filter cartridge.

The water filter system consists of a three-step filtration process that helps improve the quality of your municipal water.

Stage 1: Sediment Filtration

  • Functions: Removing sand, rust, mud, sediment, etc. in water.

Stage 2: Granular Activated Carbon Filtration

  • Functions: Correcting taste, color, and removing bad odor in water. It also removes chlorine from Water

Stage 3: Carbon Block Filtration

  • Functions: Correcting taste, color, and removing bad odor & chlorine that could have passed through stage 2


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