Manual Water Softener 2500-3200 LPH 1465

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Manual Water Softeners

Manual Water softeners have been around for many years and is still the best solution available to get rid of lime scale in water. The process that manual water softeners use to remove lime from water is called ion exchange. Simply put ion exchange is when hardness ions (lime) in the water is replaced by sodium or potassium ions (salt). The resin beads are all loaded with sodium ions and when the water passes over the resin the sodium trades places with the calcium and magnesium in the water. The calcium and magnesium then stick to the resin. This is also why the water has a higher sodium content afterwards and can taste very different from before. The sodium however has no adverse effects when using the water.

2500-3200 LPH 1465 Manual Water Softener

Complete system comes with:

  • Metered on-demand system
  • Complete 100L Brine Tank + Valve
  • Manual Softener Valve
  • 14″ x 65″ FRP  Vessel (Blue)
  • 1x 25Kg Salt Tablets
  • 4x 25L Bags Of Cation Resin
  • 1x 1465 Riser Tube With Top And Bottom Strainers

Vessel Specifications

  • Top Opening: 2.5"
  • Flow rate: 2500-3200 LPH
  • Vessel Volume: 150L


Ion-exchange resins are widely used in different separation, purification, and decontamination processes. The most common examples are water softening and water purification. In many cases ion-exchange resins were introduced in such processes as a more flexible alternative to the use of natural or artificial zeolites. Also, ion-exchange resins are highly effective in the biodiesel filtration process.


14" x 65" FRP VESSEL

Canature pressure tanks are designed and made to meet world-class quality standards but at competitive costs. NSF ACS, W270, and KTW certificated.

Why Canature Pressure Tanks

  • More Advanced Production Line: By Automatic Robots.
  • Higher Testing Standards and Requirements.
  • More safer and high quality material: Food Grade, HDPE Liner.
  • More Choice: over 120 sizes from 0517 to 6386.
  • More Customization: Brand, Color(blue, black, natural, grey, green), and Sizes.
  • More Certificates: NSF and ACS certificated, KTW and W270 are being applied.
  • More Packing methods: single box, large box, and pallet packing.
  • More combined components reduce costs: such as a central tube, resin, cabinet, etc.
  • Less Price and Faster delivery time.


F64B Runxin Manual Softener Valve

The Runxin control valve is designed to closely integrate multi-ports to one valve body. When the rotor moves, some ports are shut off while others open to control various functions such as service position, backwash position, brine, and slow rinse, brine refill, and fast rinse position. The Runxin control valve manipulates the water to compensate for load disturbances and keeps the regulated process variables as close as possible to the desired set point.


1465 Riser Tube, Top, And Bottom Strainer

The filter/softener head material is made of ABS engineering plastic, which has high-pressure strength and can not be broken underfoot.

The thread is strengthened in the structure of the filter head and a rubber washer is added. The base of the filter/softener cap is designed to strengthen the bottom seam so that there is no dead water area and no mud accumulation between the filter/softener plate. It is widely used in water treatment filters, filters, softeners, return programs, and ion-exchange column equipment.


100L Brine Tank With Brine Valve

Residential brine tanks are available in 25L, 70L, 100L,140L, 145L, and 200L, round and square style, grey, black, blue, almond, and white colors.
Commercial and industrial brine tanks are available in 350L, 500L, 750L, 1000L, 1500L, 2000L.


Model BTS-100
Volume 100L
Brine Tank Size (D*H) 382*382*880mm
Plastic Bag Packing(W*D*H) 405*405*1530mm
Carton Box Packing(W*D*H) 425*425*1550mm
Packing 5 pcs/pack
Standard Specification Brine well, grid
Colour: Light grey


Sodium Chloride Tablets

The tablet salt is intended for the regeneration of ion exchange resins used as a filter media in Ecosoft iron and hardness reduction filters FK and softening filters FU.

Key advantages:

  • A convenient form of salt for the regeneration of Ecosoft Ecosil, it comes in the form of tablets compressed under a load of 900 tons
  • Packaging does not allow moisture and provides long-term storage
  • Salt is supplied in the form of tablets conveniently packaged in 25 kg bags.
  • Does not cause the formation of an insoluble deposit in the solution tank
  • complies with European quality standards


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