5G/Hr Ceramic Ozone Generator for Air

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Sku : QLA-5G-C

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Ozone Generator

For Air

Product overview:

The new type of ozone space disinfection machine, compact body, light and easy to carry, built-in upgraded ceramic chip generator to ensure stable ozone concentration and output; thickened footpads, stability improved; upgraded brushed metal knob timer, improved overall The machine grade, ozone is blown out from the back of the fuselage, the diffusion area is wide, and the disinfection is more efficient; the characters on the fuselage are laser printed, not easy to fall off, and the introduction is a beautiful view

5g Per Hour Ceramic Portable Ozone Generator For Air

Detailed Display Of The Ozone Generator For Air

Advantages of ozone

Ozone is currently known as a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, rapid, safe, and non-secondary pollution sterilization gas, which can kill bacterial spores, viruses, fungi, etc., for common Escherichia coli, Streptococcus faecalis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, mold, etc., in an ozone environment for 5 minutes, its killing rate can reach more than 99.99%. Its working principle is: strong oxidizing, oxidizing capacity is twice as high as chlorine, and sterilization is 600-3000 faster than chlorine It can inactivate bacteria in a few seconds, and ozone can effectively remove formaldehyde and purify the air. The ozone disinfection machine is convenient and quick to use, ready to use when power is on, no extra consumables, low power, this is a must-have product for the home.


Product Details

  • Multi-function disinfection

  • One step in place

  • A healthy living environment in the home

  • Sterilizing virus and bacteria

  • Knob timer

  • Bottom feet

  • Certification number

  • Alloy handle

  • Switch

Technical specification:

  • Model: QLA-5G-C

  • Ozone output: 5G

  • Application Area: 20-70m2

  • Size: 243*166*152.5mm

  • NW/GW: 2.6kg/3kg

  • Power: 65W

  • Voltage:220V/50Hz DC12V

 Steps for Usage:

  1. Check the tightness of the disinfection space before use. If the disinfection space is not well sealed, it will affect the disinfection effect. Therefore, please check whether the doors and windows are closed before using this product.

  2. Set the disinfection time. After plugging in the power, set the disinfection time and turn it on. For advice on disinfection duration, please read later.

  3. Wait for 20-30 min after shutdown to allow residual ozone to decompose by itself. Please avoid entering the room immediately after the shutdown.

  4. Open doors and windows for ventilation. Ozone generator disinfection will consume oxygen in the room. After disinfection, it is recommended to open the windows and doors for ventilation.


  1. Be sure not to leave plants, animals, or humans in the room before running the generator.

  2. Do not enter the room after turning on the machine until the disinfection is complete. High levels of ozone during disinfection may damage the human respiratory tract.


Remove Bad Odor


Kinder Garden

Purify The Bedroom

Kill Bacteria In The Bathroom

Preserved And Cured Food

Car Store

Taxi Company

Bus Company

Product details:

  • Multi-function disinfection

  • One step in place

  • The healthy living environment in home Sterilizing virus and bacteria

Knob Timer

Bottom Feet

Certification Number

Alloy Handle


Ceramic Plate

Using ceramic plate discharge to produce ozone, high concentration rate of ozone, stable output

Turbofan Speeds Disinfection

Turbine fan with low noise and fast dissipation

Ozone Timing Knob

Turbine fan with low noise and fast dissipation

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