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600GPD PureWater RO System

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600GPD PureWater RO System
SKU: RO600C 


    Under the Counter Reverse Osmosis System provides safe, pure water using Reverse Osmosis Technology. It’s capable of removing over 90% of total dissolved solids, +99% of all organics, and +99% of all bacteria. The system installs neatly under the sink. Comes with a long reach faucet, storage tank, and necessary installation hardware.

    • 5 Stage Filtration
    • 600 Gallons Per Day / 2271.25 Liters Per Day
    • Long Reach Chrome Faucet
    • All hardware included
    • First Stage: 5 microns sediment pre-filter
    • Second Stage: Activated Carbon pre-filter
    • Third Stage: Carbon block pre-filter
    • Fourth Stage: 600 GPD 3013 Vontron Reverse Osmosis Membrane
    • Fifth Stage: Inline GAC filter
    • Fully Assembled
    • Made in China


    Reverse Osmosis is a very fine filtration process, which occurs at a molecular level. This process, which allows only a given size of the molecule to pass and rejects the rest. In effect, the pores or holes in the membrane are so small that most of the harmful minerals and chemicals cannot pass, while water molecules pass through.

    Rejected water carrying the minerals in a high concentration is drained off through the wastewater pipe, and the pure water is diverted to the storage tank for drinking. The System removes up to 95% of harmful minerals and chemicals, the system also removes suspended impurities such as dirt, sand, and rust, it improves the odor and taste of your municipal water and leaves good, clean, and healthy water for your consumption.


    • The incoming water passes through 3 types of filters before it reached your Reverse Osmosis Membrane.
    • The first filter is the Polypropylene Filter, this filter removes the large suspended particles, such as dirt, sand, and rust.
    • The second filter is a GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) Filter, this filter improves the taste and odor of your water as well as reducing the amount of chlorine, radon, heavy metals, and hydrogen sulfide as well as reducing finer particles of sediment in your water, by absorbing these elements from the water.
    • The third filter is a CTO Carbon Block Filter, this filter consists of activated carbon particles fused into a uniform block with enhanced adsorptive capacity and efficiency. This means it further reduces the amount of chlorine, radon, heavy metals, and hydrogen sulfide as well as reducing finer particles of sediment in your water.
    • Water then passes to the Reverse Osmosis Membrane where very fine particles are extruded from the water and dispensed through the wastewater pipe.
    • The filtered water then passes through one last K33 (In-Line Carbon) Filter, to further reduce by absorption any remaining amounts of chlorine, radon, heavy metals, and hydrogen sulfide, that may have been missed by the Reverse Osmosis Membrane as well as reducing finer particles of sediment in your water.
    • Water then flows to your Storage Tank, when you dispense water, it flows through your Mineral Ball Filter which replenishes your water with a variety of beneficial minerals, that improve the taste of and quality of your water.
    • WEIGHT 11.8 kg
      DIMENSIONS 52 × 42 × 26 cm


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