Cation Resin 25 liter Bag

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Cation Resin

Cat-ion Resin Softener and Salt (How it works)
Sodium polystyrene sulfonate

Cation Resin 25 litre Bag

In order to remove the calcium and magnesium from calcium-carbonate or magnesium-carbonate found in the water, we need to give the negative ions they are combined with, carbonate (CO3)-2, something else in exchange for the positive ions. By using an insoluble material the ions may be pulled out of the solution and held in place (the resin beads which is made from a plastic material): Figure 2

The exchange process is about the ability of the resin bead to take on one ion while giving up another.

When the resin bead is fully loaded with sodium, it will readily give off the sodium (Na+1) with one positive charge in exchange for calcium (Ca+2) with two positive charges.

When all of the exchange sites are loaded with calcium or magnesium, the resin beads are subjected to a high amount of salt (brine).



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Cation Resin

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The high amount of salt in the brine forces the resin beads to give up the sodium and magnesium that are held at the exchange sites, and take on the sodium ions. The ions are exchanged. When the unit is rinsed, all of the removed calcium and magnesium, along with the excess salt that forced their removal are washed down the drain. We are left with the charged beads and no excess salt in solution. The soft water contains no additional sodium as the unit is put back online.

It is with a strong acid-based exchange of styrene, sulfonic acid polymer, the reaction of the special procedures uniform size made of plastic-type particles ball. In dealing with the use of soft water has excellent, properties of strength and washing of the response properties of heat resistance, the operation has a high capacity.


  • Essence: Cinnamene
  • Nomenclature: –SO3Na.
  • Appearance: Spherule.
  • Packing of ionic: Na.
  • The total exchange capacity: >2.00 eq / L
  • Moisture: 40 to 50%
  • See link density: 800 to 850g / L
  • Really proportion: 1.25 to 1.31
  • Particle size: 300~1180 micro
  • Resistance: Acid and basic resistance of general solvent resistant.


  • High minimum: 800 mm
  • Suggest: Above 1500 mm
  • Countercurrent flow: 5 to 40 BV/h
  • Renewable agent: NaCl.
  • Velocity: 2~8
  • Renewable concentration: 5~7
  • Renewable time: 30 min.
  • Slow wash: 2 BV
  • Fast wash: 4~8 BV


  • 25L / 20kg per packet.

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