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KSRO series Reverse Osmosis System

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KSRO series Reverse Osmosis System
 CATEGORY: RO Industrial

KSRO series Reverse Osmosis Systems

4,000 GPD (650 LPH)

ROTEK KSRO Series RO systems are specifically designed using the principle of KISS “ Keep It Simple Stupid ” noted by the U.S. Navy in 1960. On a commercial and industrial-sized RO system. KSRO Series RO systems are simple to install, operate and service, operation errors have been eliminated by the reliable ROTEK “ Pulse Flush ” design which consistently produces water of the desired flow and quality with no operator adjustments. It is designed with a fixed recovery rate of 60-65% using only one single extra-large flow RO membrane element that produces 4000 GPD (650 LPH) of permeate water flow.


  • Designed for simple and reliable operation with only One Power Button to operate.
  • Automatic high-frequency Pulse Flush that replaces the need for conventional concentrate flow regulation.
  • Compact size and weight for easy transportation.
  • ROTEK XL-4040 membrane delivers the Largest Flow on the market.
  • Patented ROTEK C-5TM RO Controller with adjustable flush time for recovery rate adjustment.
  • No regulation valves to avoid Misoperations from users.

Standard Features

  • RO micro-computer controller with permeate TDS readout
  • 300PSI stainless steel membrane housing+PE end caps
  • ROTEK LPE 2-11 multistage pump
  • 20″ – 5 micron sediment pre-filter x 1
  • Rotek rotameters for permeate stream
  • Rotek pressure gauges for prefilter feed and RO feed
  • Danfoss low-pressure switch
  • Electro-plated SS304 skid frame

Optional Features

  • Without Membrane
  • FRP membrane vessel
  • Oasis Wifi RO Controller (IoT)
  • Custom Brand

Pulse Flush

​It is the key feature that allows KSRO to be operating at a 100% recovery rate during the production cycle. During the flush cycle, the flush valve opens before the saturation of concentrated water reached the level when soft water or antiscalant can’t prevent the scale formation anymore. Moreover, the sudden change of flow velocity across the membrane surface in such a short period of time causes water hammers that also help to shake off the foulants on the membrane surface in order to keep the membrane clean for a longer period of time.


Models KSRO-4000
Feed Water TDS < 500ppm
Recovery Rate* 65%
Vessel Array 1
Vessel Size 4040 x 1
Permeate Flow Rate (gpm/lpm) 2.8 / 10.5
Feed Connection 3/4″ FNPT
Permeate Connection 1/2″ Tube
Flush Connection 3/4″ FNPT
RO Membrane Rotek XL-4040
Pump type & Motor HP Multistage 2.5HP
Gross Dimension (cm) 37.5*46*131
Gross Weight (kg)


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