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How does it work?

This Stainless Steel Water Storage Tank is manufactured with double-walled insulation packing for the purpose of keeping the water warm even during the winter season and cool during summers. Commonly, there are two grades available as offered by most stainless steel water tanks manufacturers to meet the customer’s requirement from in terms of the inner tank walls that are of 304 Grade and in 316 Grade. On the other hand, the outer wall is mainly made out of SS 304 Grade.

Among the many stainless steel grades, we choose to provide only the common ones likes the two mentioned grades as the only use for higher grade stainless steel is those exposed in marine environments only.

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Stainless Steel Water Storage Tank



  • It is recyclable

  • It comes with a sturdy galvanized iron stand

  • It is built with AISI Stainless Steel Grade 304 or 316

  • It has a multi-function air vent that also acts as the manhole handle

  • It has grooves that are strategically placed to increase stability and rigidity

  • Stainless Steel drain valve has been provided for easy cleaning and maintenance

  • Only one color is available

  • Heavy

Square type stainless steel water storage tank specification
Material Stainless steel SUS304
Water tank volume From 1m³to 5000m³
Stainless Steel Panel Size 1.0m*1.0m,1.0m*0.5m,0.5m*0.5m
Stainless Steel Panel Thickness Wallboard thickness:4mm,6mm,7.5mm,8mm,10mm and etc
Accessory Water inlet and outlet,Bolts,Sealing tapes,Draw rod,Flange connection,Ladder,Base channel(C channel)etc.
Our com 500m3, 1000m3

  • The Style

  • The Price

  • The Durability

  • The Maintenance


Stainless steel tanks have different finishes, except for its color option. Evidently, it only appears in one color. These tanks can be constructed in a unique way aside from the traditional round and slimline. Rectangular stainless steel water tank and square stainless steel water tanks are even available now in numbers of suppliers.

Whether your purpose is for stainless steel water tanks for homes or stainless steel water tanks for campers, this tank will always fit your needs and will continuously give a better service.

Stainless steel water tank prices are quite higher than other tanks made up of other materials, however, this is dependent upon the type, size, and brand of the purchased tank. Stainless steel water tank design greatly matters when it comes to price.

Stainless steel water tank fabrication is durable but if the water tank will not be taken care of, it may result in some tank leaking or corrosion at some points that often occur on joints and screws.
Tanks like this, specifically on the 316 stainless steel water tank, it must be clean always by wiping it with a cloth and fresh water. Keeping the steel water tank away from solvents like salty seawater or chlorine in swimming pools will prevent the tank from getting corroded.

In order to keep rainwater always fresh inside a stainless steel tank, the need to have an expensive two-tank system is recommended. A stainless steel water tanks 4×4 can be used initially while setting up for the complete system.

The first tank is where the rainwater will fall which contains a filter screen. This is why an insulated stainless steel water tanks are needed all through the process.

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